Frederikshåb Plantage
Frederikshåb Plantage

Since 1802, when the state decided to build Frederikshåb Plantage, it has been a favorite destination. It was a long journey from the decision of a plantation was made until the area was planted. This was because the sand escape first had to be controlled with dikes and it took almost 100 years before the plantation was laid out.

Frederikshåb Plantage contains a strange natural phenomenon, called the Seven Years' Lakes. Sometimes you can find a large lake, at other times the water is gone and you can walk on the bottom of the lake. In the plantation you will find large inland dunes and a distinctive area with approx. 175 stones that are 5000 years old.  

Randbøl Heath

With its flat heathland landscape at Randbøl, Randbøl Heath is one of the few heathland landscapes left in Denmark. The 750 ha make the heath Denmark's largest inland heath and it has since 1932 been protected from cultivation and planting.

It is located side by side with beautiful Frederikshåb Plantage, which i.a. offers the Seven Years' Lakes and the smoking mountains.


Grindsted offers nature experiences for everyone. From Rækkebjerge's hilly sand ridge to Engsøen's shiny mirror, there are wonderful hours in nature for everyone.


When it comes to nature experiences, Filskov has something for all ages. The new playground behind Filskov Inn will excite all children and childish souls, but if it is a brisk walk you want, then Filskov is the right destination for you. Here you will find both the fine Heart Path, where you really get to see Filskov and what the city has to offer. If you are looking for more hiking, then The Clover Path may be for you.

Omme Å
Sdr. Omme

Sdr. Omme is definitely worth a visit if you want a wonderful nature experience. The town offers both Omme Å, which with its meandering and clear water course is a true natural gem - both when it comes to fishing and a canoe trip.

In addition, Sdr. Omme also has a beautiful Heart Trail and the new Nature Room, which is worth a visit.

Vorbasse Krigshavn

Vorbasse has everything the heart can desire from experiences in the open air. Take a heart trail and come around and see the city - you can also visit Vorbasse Naval Dockyard now that you are in the area.

Otherwise, there are plenty of opportunities for fresh air at the surrounding plantations.