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Nature - Billund - Denmark


The world's best family holiday. LEGOLAND, LEGO House, Lalandia and Givskud Zoo. It all assembled within a short driving distance, spiced with plenty of eateries and cozy accommodations - see you soon?

Unique nature

Nature can show you something, that nothing else can!

Active day under the clear blue sky

The whole family can have a fresh and active day together - enjoy the energy.

Museums and exhibitions

Visit one of the local museums or an exhibition. Join the family and experience something special.

A swim under the sky

Take a swim in the blue salty waves of the sea or a calm and child-friendly bathing lake

Free experiences

Experiences that doesn't cost a thing.

Speed and excitement

The adrenaline pumps! Either the horse's on the trot track or yours when you are on the go kart field.

Golf, miniture golf & football golf

All golf variaties can be found here! Both the great golf course. The fun football golf course. And the mini edition - miniature golf. Ready for some ...

Experiences indoor

AquaDome, Lalandia Billund

Visit Scandinavia’s largest Aquadome at Lalandia Billund   Welcome to the tropics! Enjoy the tropical climate in the huge Aquadome with water activities in all kinds and lots of fun for young and old. Revel in the speed and excitement of the Twister, the Tornado and Octopus Racer water s...

Svimming pools

Ready for a swim? Then check out our overview of swimming pools in the Billund and Grindsted area.

Grindsted Cinema

Fancy a trip to the movies? - then visit Grindsted Kino. The center is a well-equipped and cozy cinema with a little café. Grindsted Culture Center a...

MAGION - Culture & Sportscentre

MAGION Culture and Sportscentre is the natural gathering point for the middle part of Jutland as well as the local community. MAGION bids you welcom...

Activities in Lalandia Billund

Super holiday experiences for all the family at Lalandia in Billund

See you in LEGOLAND?

Photo: Robert Lacy

Experience the Billund area

Cities in the Billund area

The cities of Billund Municipality each have their own distinctive features and offers a great experience. On this page you can read a little more about them and find out what they have to offer.


The churches in the Billund area tell in their own solid way a portion of cultural history about the area. Here you'll find a wide range of churches -...

Vorbasse Naval Dockyard

There are no harbours or marinas in Billund, but we do have a naval dockyard. Vorbasse Naval Dockyard The first battleship visited the town briefl...