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Billund Trotting Track

Come and experience exciting photo finishes when the best horses and drivers in the country compete.

Billund Trotting Track offers plenty of opportunity for an thrilling outing for all the family. There are two outdoor playgrounds, with overview from the public enclosures, featuring swings, slide, sandpit and football pitch.

You can watch the races from our beautiful panorama restaurant, cafeteria or one of our big drive-in parking spaces.

As always, the entrance is free at Billund Trav. 

Races are held throughout the season on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. See the season plan in the top right corner or at

Family days at Billund Trav
Trotting races are an experience for the whole family - a combination of animals, betting and excitement.

Food & Drink at Billund Horse Track

There are great opportunities for purchasing food and beverages at Billund Horse Track.

Enjoy a delicious dinner or buffet with beautiful panoramic views in Restaurant Tarok, where you can enjoy well-prepared and well-served food of fresh ingredients. The menu varies and can be seen on Billund Horse Track's website up to race day.

In the Cafeteria, in the middle floor of the main building, you sit close to the finish line and have direct access to the audience seats, and the youngest can play in the children’s corner. Here you can purchase sausages, French fries, ice cream etc. as well as hot and cold drinks. It is also the possible to bet in the totalisator. 

Café Staldsvinget is worth a visit if you want to enjoy food and drink close to the stables.