Welcome to 'Bog & Idé' / 'Legekæden'

We are both a bookstore and a toy store - and we look forward to welcoming you!

We are the store where customers and goods meet
Profile is something you create - it does not just come by itself.

With us, we have selected 7 core areas, where we have developed some particularly good skills and knowledge:

  • News
  • Current trends
  • Active leisure
  • Presents
  • Education
  • Home office
  • Play for all ages

In our 'Bog & Idé' department, we strive to give customers one of the market's best experiences through advice and a wide range of books, board games, office and trend.

In our 'Legekæden' department, we are dedicated to toys and creative expression.

Our mission is to take the customers' wishes and needs as a starting point and provide time and desire for them to find what they are searching for.

With over 150 stores throughout Denmark, you get 365 days of nationwide exchange service with us.

We look forward to seeing you