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Ceramics and Mythical Beasts

Come and experience the exhibition "Ceramics and Mythical Creatures" from the artist couple Tine Hecht-Pedersen and Pontus Kjerrman a number of new works.

Tine Hecht-Pedersen is educated at the Free Academy, The Haag, The Netherlands and at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts under professors Hein Heinsen and Bjørn Nørgaard. She later studied at the School of Art Communication - also at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Tine is inspired by nature, nature's colors and scents. She uses nature directly in her art – for example by making an impression of a leaf in the clay. Tine says (quote from "In a garden with sculptures" p. 7 by Pier Maria Andersen):

"The leaves I use the most are geraniums. I always have geraniums outside my studio, and in the winter they come into my room. I often use circles in my art, and the geranium is a flower with the most circular shape, a form I am happy to use".

Tine works quickly and expressively, she uses many different materials and strong colors. Tine is known as a skilled communicator and teacher. She works with user involvement and creates projects together with children and adults.

Tine implements a number of projects in collaboration with her husband, Pontus Kjerrman.

Tine Hecht-Pedersen has decorated several private and public institutions and she is represented at Vejen Kunstmuseum with a number of works. She has sold to, among others, the New Carlsberg Foundation, the Vejen Art Museum, the Clay Ceramics Museum, Oslo Municipality's Art Collection. She is a member of the Association of Visual Artists, the Artists Association, KKS and Danish Artisans & Designers.

Tine participates in the exhibition with a number of new works; porcelain, ceramics and painting.



Pontus Kjerrman is educated at Gothenburg Art School and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Sculptor School at Willy Ørskov and stucco training at Per Thostrup.

Pontus Kjerrman has been a lecturer at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts for 35 years. Throughout all the years, he has simultaneously had a large artistic output. Pontus' art is characterized by being both realistic and unrealistic. He is very well known for his mythical beasts. Often the man is expressed by a horse – a horse is diligent and hardworking. The woman is often expressed as a cat – somewhat mysterious and unapproachable – the cat is completely her own. Pontus works with plaster, clay and bronze. He is also known as both a painter and graphic artist.

Pontus completes a number of projects together with his wife, Tine Hecht-Pedersen.

Pontus Kjerrman is represented at the Statens Museum for Art, the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, the Vejlemuseerne and others. In addition, his installations adorn the cityscape in many cities - just to name a few - "Water art" in Køge, "Water art, drinking fountain and bench" in Vejle, "Welcome to my World" in Billund (where the mythical beast greets the LEGO Technic man). Pontus Kjerrman is a member of BKF, the Artists' Association and the Academy Council's jury.

Pontus participates in the exhibition with a number of new works; stoneware, plaster and painting.