Galleri Sam currently has a great new exhibition, with three fantastic artists.

You can read a little about the three artists here:


Torbjørn Olsen (b. 1956 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands).

Educated in Copenhagen at Robert Askou- Jensen’s drawing school at Glyptoteket 1972-74.
Torbjørn says:
“I was born in the small town of Tórshavn – and here I live and work. Here where the storms rush all the time and everything swirls around you – houses, people, animals, trees, cars, and boats. It’s both raining and snowing – everything is black and gray. All of a sudden it is quiet here, everything becomes quiet – so quiet that you can hear a pin drop to the ground – and the most beautiful colors light up and the birds sing again.”

Torbjørn cultivates portrait painting, where he shows the ability to emphasize and characterize. He is also known for painting landscapes, urban environments and for decorating a number of churches.
Torbjørn Olsen has exhibited and is represented at art museums and in a large number of private and public collections in the Nordic countries. Torbjørn Olsen received the Faroe Islands Culture Prize in 2014.


Hans Pauli Olsen (b. 1957 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands).

He was educated in Copenhagen at Robert Askou-Jensen’s drawing school, Glyptoteket 1976-78 and at the Academy of Fine Arts’ sculptural school with Villy Ørskov and Bjørn Nørgaard 1979-87. Hans Pauli Olsen is a member of the Academy’s Artists’ Society.
Hans Pauli Olsen talks about his sculptures and creating them:
“My sculptures are oriented towards the classic sculptural heritage and towards the new English sculpture, where the bodily and sensory dimension is in focus. I model my sculptures up in accordance with the classical technique, where the sculpture grows from inside the core and outwards. With the traces of the hand through the clay, the imprint of the hand in the material, an expressive and living surface is formed. I have always been preoccupied with the relationship between reality and unreality. Between the actual being and the image which could simply be a mirage, an optical illusion. I want to create sculptures of the imaginary. Give shape to shadows and reflections, perspective shifts and traces of presence.”

His sculptures stand in several public and private places, institutions, and companies in many countries.
Hans Pauli Olsen is also well known for drawing – croquis and landscapes.


Marius Olsen (b. 1963 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands).

Educated at the Nordic School of Art, Kokkola, Finland
1986-87, Hovedskous Målarskola, Gothenburg 1988-89 and Umeå University of the Arts, Umeå, Sweden (graphics department at Steffan Kihlgren) 1990-92.
Marius has worked as an educator at the Art Schools in Nuuk, Greenland in 2002 and at the Art School in Tórshavn several times in the 2000’s.
Marius is well versed in all graphic techniques, and he experiments with the graphic means of expression, combining techniques such as etching and silkscreen printing, linoleum cuts, and erasure. Today, Marius works much with stone prints.
Marius has exhibited and is represented with works at art museums and in a number of private collections throughout the Nordic region.


The exhibition is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13-17.