Gourmet shop Refborg

Refborg Gourmet Shop in Billund
In the shop we sell delicacies in food and beverages, as well as selected handicrafts, which we have used in the interior design in REFBORG.

Wine from the best wineries, special beers, sodas, juice, ice cream, coffee, tea, cold cuts from the best butchers, guaranteed tender meat from special cattle, specialty cheeses, licorice, chocolate, handicrafts. A number of products are organic. Others are just among the best in their category. Take a look inside. There will always be new items in the shop.

Sample and taste gifts
In the shop there will be tastings, so you can taste why we think we have the best products in the gourmet shop. And we will compose a gift basket suiting your wishes, so you can give the good items on to your loved ones.

Take Away
In the store you can choose between a few good salads and some delicious dishes that you can take with you for lunch or dinner. 

Have a break
We have created a cozy corner where you can take a break amongst all the gourmet delicacies. You can have a fresh cup of coffee made with the famous Rancillo coffee maker. Or you can enjoy a cold soda, a nice cup of tea, a specialty beer or a glass of wine. You can also enjoy a piece of homemade cake or a delicacy that you just bought in the shop.