The Nordic Light

Galleri Sam currently has a great new exhibition, with three exciting artists.

You can read a little about the three artists here:


Kirsten Holm (b. 1946) Ceramist.
Kirsten finds her inspiration in nature and this can be seen in her ceramic works, in her choice of
materials, shape, expression, surface treatment and not least firing method. With her refined, deeply
personal and clarified idiom, Kirsten stands out significantly in Danish contemporary art with works
that have texture and beauty as strong traces in them. She has a highly aesthetic sense of form, and
with her superb technical ability, she creates ceramic works in which sensitive interpretations of nature
become like a score that miraculously links nature and culture.
Kirsten Holm is represented at Keramikmuseum Berlin, and Clay – Keramikmuseum Danmark as well
as at art museums and in a number of public and private collections in Denmark and abroad. Among
other things, she has sold works to Statens Kunstfond.
Member of: Danish Artisans, PROKK, professional artists and KKArt.


Svend Aage Madsen (1928-2009). Visual artist.
Svend Aage Madsen was a quiet artist, which is expressed in the gentleness with which he depicts the
violence of nature. His motto was: “You have to whisper to be heard!” He always found his inspiration
in the Nordic countries, and he was particularly interested in capturing and reproducing the light, the
fog and the eternal change of the weather. He expressed this through a number of different art forms –
oil paintings, woodcuts, pastels, oil crayons, pencil drawings, cold-needle etchings and monotype. He
also published 3 books.
Svend Aage Madsen completed several study trips to the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden and Finnmark.
He is represented in collections in 6 continents.



Albert Bertelsen (1921-2019) Visual artist.
Albert Bertelsen was an active performer until his last day. Albert was wide-ranging, he depicted nature,
houses, and farms and he produced whimsical portrayals of people – he saw the fine in originals
and peculiarities, and reproduced them lovingly in his art. He also saw the beauty of a rusty nail in a
weathered board or the finest details in a stone. He often expressed himself in oil paintings but has also
worked with other forms of expression such as drawings, oil crayons, aquatint, and coal.
Albert is represented at a number of museums and collections in the Nordic region.



April 24. - June 6The exhibition is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13-17.