The Triangle Festival Week

The program for the Triangle Area's Festuge in week 35 is starting to take shape. Now both this year's theme and a number of main events are in place.


- This year we have chosen the theme Distance. We live in a time where everyone has to keep their distance, and where we may also feel distance and be affected by it. The culture reflects our lives - and therefore this year's theme is both current and relevant. But distance is also a concept that we can relate to in many curious and exploratory ways. And I look forward to experiencing that during the festival week - together with a lot of other people, says Jesper Elkjær, who is chairman of the Cultural Region Triangle area, which is behind the Triangle area's Festival week.


During this year's festival week, the citizens of the Triangle area have the opportunity to break down the distance and get really close to cultural life. Art and culture are moving out of the usual framework and occupying new locations in the cities in the Triangle area.


Get close to trees in patchwork

One can e.g. occupy a giant art installation sewn in patchwork by hundreds of citizens along with artist Tina Ratzer. The work can be experienced both in Spinderihallerne in Vejle, Sundhedshuset in Fredericia, Byrådssalen in the new town hall in Haderslev - and later in the autumn at Trapholt in Kolding.


In search of art

The family can go exploring in The Great Secret Art Hunt, where children and artists have created and hidden art that others can find. It can, for example, be sound art, performance and clay art that are hidden along a predetermined route, for which the art hunters are then given a tax card. The Great Secret Art Hunt can be experienced in Billund, Kolding, Vejle and Middelfart.


The young people call the "collective"

Young people from three different cities in the Triangle area have joined forces to create events for young people throughout the festival week. Under the name "Kollektivet" they have created a program with art, music, skating and much more. You can meet "Kollektivet" in Middelfart, Kolding and Haderslev.


Interpret this year's theme with poetry

A common feature of the Triangle area Festuge is that citizens are invited to contribute to the activities.

This year, the young people in the Triangle area are thus invited to a poetry competition, where there is 7 times 1,000 kroner in prizes for the winning poems. The poems are to be part of the decoration of seven large installations in the city space. You can participate in the poetry competition via the festival's website.


Traditional festuge

The Triangle area's Festuge is still full of good traditions such as Vejle Fjord Festival, Grindsted Festuge, Pap og Papir Festival, Best of Billund, Street Theater Festival, Insane Good Sunday, Culture Nights in Vejle and Kolding and much, much more. So there is plenty of opportunity to experience all that cultural life has to offer in the Triangle area.


You can follow program news and competitions on the festival's website: