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Wild Fauna meets the Marshes

Helle Bang (b. 1947) is a trained visual artist and sculptor from the Århus Art Academy, and works with painting and sculpture. Helle is both an expressive and abstract painter, for whom color is a decisive factor in every picture. She is inspired by nature's special color poetry, which she captures and reproduces with great coloristic sense. Helle has exhibited and is represented in art museums and in private collections in Denmark and abroad. In 2014, her bronze sculpture "The Swan" was given for Prince Henrik's 80th birthday.


Lars Bollerslev (b. 1973) lives by the Wadden Sea and he tries to capture the nature and changeability of the Wadden Sea at the same time. The farmer's house has become an icon for the homestead in Tøndermarsken. The house in Ballum is just nearby and is captured on Bollerslev's tours around the area.
Bollerslev prepares sketches on site. These sketches form the basis for the actual work with the works in the studio.
Bollerslev is among other things in the publications "Days with the Farmer's House" and "Under a black sun" - Catalog text by Lone Schloo Erhardsen. He teaches visual arts at a number of institutions in Denmark and abroad.